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Newcastleton Traditional Music Festival News!

Starts 8pm. All welcome, musicians, singers, audience. 

We are a singaround-cum-session, that is, we appreciate both singers and instrumentalists and encourage joining in with tunes wherever it works. The village has a caravan site and RockUK outdoor centre and we welcome any who bring their  voice/ instrument on holiday.

2018 Session Nights:
January 23rd
February 27th
March 27th
April 24th  :
May 22nd
June 26th
July 24th
August 28th
September 25th
October 23rd
November 27th
No December Session 

6th, 7th and 8th of April, 2018, Folk Music Weekend at the Grapes Hotel, Newcastleton

For more festival news, see 'Festival Chat.'

Newcastleton Folk Club has now been going since April 2014. It takes place on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Grapes Hotel upstairs and continues to grow from strength to strength with a variety of songs and tunes each time. We welcome audience as well as singers and musicians and usually sing and play around the room, though if there are plenty of musicians they are welcome to break out into a communal selection of tunes. We welcome newcomers.

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  3. Is this still running, November 2019?

  4. Hi. Sorry no. We have left. I have tried and am trying again to understand how to delete the blog. Thanks for your interest.